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May 8, 2014

Why I am choosing a celibate lifestyle as a single parent


I have 5 children ranging in ages from 7 up to 29. You would think that alone would be reason enough to live a celibate life. I had my tubes tied after my daughter was born so the risk of having more children is not the driving force behind choosing a celibate lifestyle as a
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May 6, 2014

Chew – swallow – drink


This is not my normal informational and hopefully inspiring post.  This post is a cry for help.  How do I get my child to eat healthier? When I grew up a child either ate what was put in front of them or they went to bed hungry. I remember many times being made to eat
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How I went to college as a single mother

The circumstances which sent me back to school were not ones to be proud of but how I made it work is.  I had been a school bus driver for five years and worked other part-time jobs such as fast food or working in the food distribution department with the school district in between morning and
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Returning to School as a Single Parent

Balancing everything involved with being a single parent can be difficult enough without trying to fit in an education however, if you have been a single parent for very long without any real marketable skills or education you have already graduated from the school of hard knocks.  Now that you are armed with the knowledge
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May 5, 2014

Forgiveness – why it is important

Forgiveness Quotes11

We hear a lot about forgiveness these days especially in touching quotes on beautiful pictures going around social networks. Many might think to themselves – “yeah, ok, its easier said than done sometimes.” This is so true but have you ever stopped to think why it is important and how it can be accomplished? How
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April 24, 2014

What do you do when your world is turned upside down


When things happen that could tear any life apart we can either choose to let it or we can choose to learn from it and use it as a lesson to be shared with others.  We all have our stories of loss and some of us wallow in it and some of us grow from it.
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Are excuses holding you back?  


When you think about your situation do to you find excuses for your actions or lack of actions?  Do you justify these excuses as the reason for your circumstances?  Do you get aggravated when you hear someone say there is no excuse for you to be the way you are?  Or maybe you hear “there is
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April 22, 2014

To my children

Dear children, Here is a short list of the things I hear the most from you. You worry too much You treat me like a child Don’t worry about it You don’t need to know where I am It’s none of your business I’m sure I’ll think of a few more later.  I know you
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The value of marriage – what is that?


Just what is the value of marriage?  With more than 50% of marriages in the United States ending in divorce the definition of the value or even the sanctity of marriage has been blurred. I was watching this video titled, An EPIPHANY Conversation: Why Single Motherhood Still Shames.  If you have an hour to spare
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Breaking up is hard to do – the final part

love yourself12

When was your ah ha moment?  This question could mean anything to anyone but for me I am referring to the time that I decided enough was enough and no, I’m not talking about when I ended a relationship – I am talking about when I started a new one. Welcome to Breaking up is
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